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[1] Kort, humoristisch, dikwijls vulgair of nonsense gedicht,
soms obsceen maar altijd met een humorische intentie.
[2] Nieuw productiehuis,
in Antwerpen en Londen (VK).

We recently directed/co-produced the widely acclaimed feature documentary"ELEPHANT'S DREAM" and are always on the lookout for new challenging and important human stories to be told. Whether it's a commission for an NGO, broadcast or something totally different, we'd love you to getting in touch.


We houden van mooi camerawerk, zowel een cinema vérité als een meer gestyleerde aanpak.

Altijd nieuwsgierig zijn we, maar m but in a good way.

 We have experience shooting abroad (DR Congo, Morocco, US a.o.). 

Get in touch if you like us to pick up a kit and shoot.

We like to be on a journey together with you. With co-production experience in the UK and Belgium, we welcome new opportunities.
Just let us know if you are cooking up something. Maybe we can help each other out?

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