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Director/Producer Kristof Bilsen graduated from the Film School in Brussels and then went to do his Masters in Documentary Direction at the National Film and Television School (UK).


He started the company in 2012 to being able directing and coproducing the feature documentary Elephant’s Dream, set in DR Congo and to help package and present it both nationally in Belgium and internationally (UK/US) at various markets.
Thanks to the support by partners such as Cinereach (US), Worldview (UK), RTBF, Creative EU Media and Flanders Audiovisual Fund (BE)  released in Fall 2014, winning various awards and being screened worldwide, including NetFlix.

As the first international lauded and widely acclaimed project of Limerick Films, he felt that the expertise and extensive network both in EU and the UK, would allow Limerick Films to find and initiate new and wonderful projects and collaborations, such as the current production MOTHER.

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